Specializing in Customized Electrical Controls

OEM Solutions brings you controls that fill your needs in a simple, straight forward manner. Useful technology that can immediately be implemented to solve your problems.

Production Manager

Are you looking to reduce costs…do you need something that’s easy to install... and faster... something more versatile…that streamlines your processes... that reduces labor... improves your efficiencies and productivity... something that can cut a component or a stage out of your process... it’s got to be high quality... tough... and can be used on most of your lines... You need it priced right... and you need it now!

You’ve already done about everything you can to cut costs. You don’t have any ideas that are going to revolutionize the system. You need to improve efficiency and cut costs with new controls:

  1. Consolidate components and cut labor now
  2. Be a hero by using a new more versatile control
  3. Get rid of those old outdated controls that are a headache in the first place
  4. Give your department an advantage for a change

We design and manufacture customized electrical HVAC controls:

  • In conjunction with your company to meet your specs
  • With user interfaces in the HVAC language technicians want and can understand
  • That include faster test modes to save time
  • That will increase your productivity and give you instant credibility

Reliable, functional and economical controls built & priced specifically for the HVAC OEM!