Specializing in Customized Electrical Controls

OEM Solutions brings you controls that fill your needs in a simple, straight forward manner. Useful technology that can immediately be implemented to solve your problems.

OEM Solutions, Inc specializes in the design and manufacturing of customized electrical controls. We work with OEM's to develop and supply proprietary controls in order to give them a true marketing and sales advantage. By understanding the HVAC/R industry, we can quickly develop controls with the functionality and price points needed for today's tough economic environment.

Energy Saving Controls

We developed a complete line of energy saving controls used by display case OEMs to prevent condensation on glass display case doors as well as saving energy at the same time. By utilizing multiple combinations of sensors, algorithms, and molding configurations, we've been able to help OEMs meet energy conservation directives, control manufacturing costs, and provide communication alternatives that link with BACs.

Dehumidification Controls

We work with OEM manufacturers to develop a dual board microprocessor based controller used to control a complete industrial air drying system. It incorporates a digital LCD display and LED indicators for demand cycles, timer drain, drying stages, regenerating stages, and repressurizing stages as well as alarms for switch valve failure, microprocessor failure, and high humidity. The success of the first controller led us to the development of a second controller used for the refrigeration based systems.

Lead Lag Controls

We developed a series of microprocessor based controllers used to stage dual heating/cooling systems on communication huts, school room systems, and heat pumps. Designs are microprocessor based dual heating/cooling lead lag controllers that incorporate provisions for economizers, dehumidification, back-up generator logic, and communication capabilities.

Defrost Controls

We've designed a number of defrost controls over the years from an extremely versatile and compact time initiate, time terminate defrost control with a temperature override input, to an electronic defrost timer series offering combinations of zone sensors, evaporator sensors, and various timer logic/relays used on electric, air, or hot gas defrost systems. We even designed and manufactured a smart defrost control that regulates tmperature as well as defrost cycles in walk-in coolers/freezers. It senses both zone temperature as well as evaporator temperature and is fully programmable from a remote display module.

Screw Compressor Controls

We designed a number of screw compressor controls for one of the largest compressor manufacturers in the world. The controls provide integral dual capacity control for screw compressors usuing temperature sensing and pressure sensing logic.

Temperature Controls

Temperature control in the HVAC/R industry is common. We've designed units to control temperatures as low as -60F, typically used in blood plasma freezers with fully programmable features such as temperature setting, deadband, alarm level, and alarm delay to multiple circuit timer based units used to control supermarket refrigeration systems.

Combination Controls

We've developed a number of combination controls from simplistic indicator modules utilizing LEDs, fusing, and a switch used in the refrigeration rack industry to multiple function products including a series of 3 cooling control boards that incorporate the functions of a bypass timer; multiple fan relays, and a delay-on-make timer into a single smaller, smarter, cheaper package.

Current Sensing Controls

We were one of the first companies to develop a current sensing relay used in the refrigeration rack industry to either proof compressors or de-energize oil pressure controls whenever the compressors are not running. We also have a current sensing relay with normally closed contacts that open whenever it senses current. Primarily used in defrost circuits for refrigeration rack systems.

Pumping Controls

We developed a series of 3 controllers used to prevent rapid cycling and dry run on single and three phase water pumps, a dual voltage liquid level control with a built-in time delay, along with pump controls designed to replace the timers and controls relay normally used in the operation of a duplex pump control systems.