Specializing in Customized Electrical Controls

OEM Solutions brings you controls that fill your needs in a simple, straight forward manner. Useful technology that can immediately be implemented to solve your problems.

Purchasing Agents

Are you looking for ways to save money... with volume discounts... that is delivered on time... on your terms... that makes your products better... more versatile... and more valuable... something the engineers will approve... that exceeds your current specs... and has a warranty to back it... You need a company that's easy to work with... and one that can deliver fast... You need it priced right... and you need it fast!

  • You can't save money on tin
  • You can't save any more on compressors or fans
  • You've already pressed everyone you can for pricing
  • But you can save money and gain market share with new controls
  • Consolidate components and cut costs now
  • Schedule blanketed deliveries as you need them
  • Get volume discounts as you grow
  • Save money!

We design and manufacture customized electrical HVAC controls:

  1. That will immediately improve your bottom line
  2. With easy to cut POs that you know will be delivered on time
  3. That the engineers, production department and service team will support
  4. That are exactly what you need... at a great price!

Reliable, functional and economical controls built and priced specifically for the HVAC